Jeremy Allen           Charleston, WV 
Jeremy is the owner and producer of Appalachian Trophy TV and was introduced to the outdoors at a very young age by his father and grandfather. Living in the Appalachian region his entire life has given Jeremy a certain respect and loyalty to his home state. 


Keith Tyler              Charleston, WV

Keith is our marketing and pro staff lead and is very involved in all aspects of the business. Keith is also an avid fisherman who enjoys spending his free time out on the water. He enjoys hunting and focuses on two properties he has located in WV. 

Weston Sloan           Charleston, WV 

Weston was the first member of the team and has been Jeremy's friend and hunting buddy since childhood. His persistence in the whitetail woods propels him to harvest nice, mature bucks on his properties in the WV region.

Travis Belcher             New Castle, VA

Travis has years of experience in hunting, fishing, and also  3-D Archery. This ASA Classic champion and guide brings many different aspects to the show. 

Jessica Allen           Charleston, WV

Jessica is the wife of Jeremy and a big part of the team. She is avid in the outdoors and truly enjoys God's beautiful country. She loves hunting for whitetail, black bear, and turkey in her home state of West Virginia

 Bill Brown                          Charleston, WV

Bill is an outdoorsman, an Air Force Veteran and also a member of 8 Rivers Fly Rod organization. As an experienced fly-fisherman Bill will bring a variety of footage to the show.

Luke Humphreys        Charleston, WV

Luke is a member of the WV Air National Guard as well as an avid hunter. We look forward to him bringing his experience as an outdoorsman to our team.

B.T. Roberts                    Foster, WV  

B.T. is an avid Whitetail hunter. His goal is to harvest mature deer and continuously manage the herd. His dedication in the woods allows him to have opportunities and great bucks in his home state of WV.

Jared & Sarah McClanahan     Poca, WV

The husband and wife team of Sarah and Jared will bring an additional aspect to the show. They both enjoy fishing and hunting and spending all of their extra time in the outdoors.

Field Staff 

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